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Summer Cycling in Greece: Exploring the paradise with safety and comfort

Greece, with its stunning landscapes and rich history, offers a unique and enchanting experience for cycling enthusiasts. With a diverse range of terrains and landscapes, Greece caters to cyclists of all skill levels, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable cycling adventure. However, the hot and sunny weather during the summer period can make cycling challenging, so it is more preferable to plan your cycling tour in Greece either in spring or autumn.

If you find yourself without any alternative options, then find below a few tips in order to fully enjoy your cycling experience in Greece during summer:

1. Schedule your rides wisely:

Arrange your rides during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon. This will help you avoid the peak heat hours. Check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure you won't be caught in extreme temperatures or unexpected storms, especially if you are cycling in coastal destinations.

2. Protect yourself from the sun:

The Greek sun can be intense during summer, so protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Wear sunscreen with a high SPF, and don't forget to apply it to exposed areas. Additionally, wear a lightweight, breathable cycling jersey and consider wearing a cap or a cycling-specific hat to shield your face from the sun.

3. Stay hydrated:

It’s crucial to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration and heatstroke. Carry a water bottle with you and drink regularly throughout your ride.If you cycle and feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Find a shady spot to take a rest and cool down by drinking water. Consider planning your route near places where you can refill your water bottle if needed.

4. Be mindful of traffic and road conditions and stay visible:

There is increased traffic in tourist destinations during summer , so be extra cautious when cycling on the roads especially in islands. Follow all traffic rules, use hand signals to indicate your intentions, and stay alert for any potential hazards. Be aware of the road conditions, such as loose gravel or potholes, which may be more prevalent during summer months.It is super important to stay visible to other road users , especially if you're cycling during dawn, dusk, or in low-light conditions.


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