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Booking Conditions

Regarding to COVID 19 pandemic, in case the agreed tour is interrupted or cancelled due to being placed in compulsory quarantine or 14 days quarantine or compulsory hospitalization for any reason of Public Health or any other travel restrictions, PNG HOLIDAYS US LLC will reimburse the amount paid for the trip, whether it is a deposit or the full amount.

Please ensure that you read and understand these Booking Conditions before you complete a booking form or make a payment, because you will be bound by these Booking Conditions once a contract comes into existence between us. In these conditions “the company” shall mean PNG HOLIDAYS US LLC, 1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd. Suite 17 Brooklyn, NY 11235 USA, and the “client” will mean the person in whose name the booking is made and accepted. In these Booking Conditions “you”, “they”, & “your” & “party leader” means the person making the reservation and “group” includes all bookings made for 2 or more people and includes all people travelling with you and for avoidance of doubt any individual you make a booking on behalf of.

1. Save for the itinerary given to the client and the accompanying brochure no other agreement, representation or promise of any kind shall form part of, alter, vary, supersede or operate as a waiver of these conditions or any of them unless expressly made or accepted by a Director of the company in writing.


There will not be any contract between the company and the client until:

  • The company receives a completed and signed ( electronically or manually) “Booking Form” and the necessary deposit, and

  • The company receives the agreed deposit from the client, and

  • The company has sent a booking confirmation- voucher

  • Unless there has been another agreement between the company and you, in each case


All deposits by the client should be made by the following sequence

  • A 30% ( within 5 working days) of your total holiday cost should be transfered to our company as soon as we have reserved for you the positions in the holiday that you require and you have signed and send the booking form.

  • The remaining 70% of your total holiday cost must reach us 6 weeks prior to your arrival.

  • Unless there has been another agreement between the company and you, in each case

The company reserves the right to cancel your booking with no refund if payments are not received in time.

In case where the reservation/request takes place in a period less than 6 weeks from the onset date of your trip, immediate payment of the total price for the services you choose is required.


Payment may be made with the selection that fits your preferences in the following ways:

  • By sending the money through bank transfer. The client will be charged on his own bank expenses and payment must be only in Euros (€). In case of currency change, the client shall undertake the cost of the currency conversion.

  • Payment by credit/ debit card  (We accept Mastercard, Visa and Diners).

When the payment is made by wire transfer, you shall send us the bank deposit statement, by fax or e-mail, within the time period that you have been allowed to make the payment. If the deadline expires and you have not notified us, WE WILL NOT PROCEED TO THE FINAL INFORMATION AND CONFIRMATION OF YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE HOLIDAY TRIP.

5. Our office does not assume any liability if you procced to booking without having arranged all the travel document required for your destination. You are personally responsible for any problem that may arise due to lack of visa or an expired passport or helth documents that could result in you are not being allowed to travel, or in your being charged for cancellation.


If the reservation has been partially or entirely paid off, and you wish to cancel it, you shall e-mail us the cancellation as soon as possible. Note that your cancellation will be valid only if you receive our confirmation.

For cancellations made at least 21 days prior to the onset of your trip or your arrival, no cancellation fees apply, save for 25.00 € for file expenses and administrative costs, the client will be reimbursed depending on the way you made your payment.

For cancellations done less than 21 days prior to your arrival, the cancellation fee is the following:

  • 10-21 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total cost

  • 0-10 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total cost

  • No-show: 100% of the total cost

Moreover, it must be stressed that no reimbursement applies in case where you do not make use of the pre-selected  services due to your own choice or mistake (e.g. you lose your flight, you are not ready at the time set of your transportation appointment or you are late in waking up or you give wrong details about your arrival, etc.). In case a service is not provided due to our or our collaborator’s fault, either the corresponding amount will be reimbursed or there will be some sort of other compensation.

In case there are changes or cancellation due to weather condition or other reasons of force mejeure, then again upon communication with our company, there will be a readjustment of your schedule, based on the new prevailing conditions and given that this is feasible, otherwise no reimbursement will be made for services not provided due to the foregoing conditions.

7. Should the company make any major change or cancel the booking after the date when the final payment is received the client will have the following choices:

  • Purchasing another available holiday from us

  • Cancelling the holiday and refunding all money paid to us of that day

8. As your reservation concerns a specific confirmed package, you shall know that if you want to make any changes (e.g. dates, number of persons etc.) our company reserves the right to charge some procedural expenses. If your package is charged with a price increase due to a different period that may occur, then you will be charged the whole amount of the increase.

9. The Company shall have the right to cancel a tour by not less than two months of notice prior to the commencement of the tour in the event there is insufficient number of persons undertaking the tour.

10. The Company shall be entitled to cancel the booking or part of the tour on giving written notice to the client if the Company is hindered from carrying out fully its obligations hereunder by circumstances beyond its own control including but without limitation strikes, labor disputes, whether or not involving employees of the Company, suspension of supplies, governmental or quasi-governmental intervention, accidents, acts of God, national or local disasters, war or civil strife. Should one or more of these acts occur, and the client is stranded abroad, then it is the obligation of the airline, but not the company to provide accommodation. If the company is obliged to cancel a tour owing to one or more of the above, then the Company will retain all money to cover existing and future costs pertaining to the tour but will make all reasonable endeavors to rerun the tour as soon as is feasible, the date being set by the Company.

11. Our company accepts reservations by people over 18 years old. In a contrary case, we reserve the right to refuse handling the request.

12. All personal details you give us will be registered in our client list and will be strictly used for your personal reasons. These details can be used exclusively by us in order to inform you about programs and offers that may be launched from time to time or other news that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive such information and offers, please send us e-mail or call us.

13.PNG HOLIDAYS US LLC, as a tourist agency together with its collaborators who operate as our representatives at the different destinations included in our services, have limited liabilities.

Neither our agency nor our collaborators bear any liability for any accident, illness, delay or other impact due to damage or any other reason whatsoever caused outside of the strict context of our services. Our company and representatives will in no case assume the responsibility for any additional cost that may arise due to delay or sudden change occurred by unpredictable factors. The Company’s prices are based on these conditions and reflect the limitations upon the Company’s liability which they contain. The Company shall not be liable to the client for any damage or consequential loss where booking is cancelled or in any circumstances what so ever for damage caused to the clients negligence, breach of duty or other wrongful act or omission by any independent contractor engaged by the Company.

The client expressly agrees that the liability of the Company hereunder is limited to a sum not exceeding the money paid to the Company for the services provided hereunder. Not with standing anything to the contrary the company will pay damages calculated in accordance with Greek law in respect of death and bodily injury suffered by any member of the party strictly within the premises of the booked holiday package caused by the negligent act or omission of its employees or by one of its suppliers, provided that they were acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment and on the company’s business.

Moreover, in case of Client’s participation in activities organized by the Company or Companie’s collaborators, guided or not,  including but not limited to cycling, hiking, rafting, sea kayaking, horse riding, watersports, waterpark, sailing, the Client understands and fully accepts and assumes all liability for the risks, dangers and hazards of and the possibility of injury, danger or death  from, and in any way associated with, participation in the activity. The Client  waives any and all claims he has or may have in the future against the Company ( owners, directors, officers, employees, agents, suppliers, contractors and insurers ) and release, indemnify and hold them harmless from any and all liability, actions, claims and demands of whatever nature however caused and by whomever rought as a result of or arising out of or connected with the activity including but not limited to claims in negligence, contract or for breach of statutor duty or statute.

As mentioned above, any agreement/collaboration between Client and the Company is exclusively subject to Greek law, and the Courts of Tripoli have exclusive jurisdiction.

14.The Company reserves the right to exclude or eject as it reasonably thinks fit any clients from the tour whose behavior or appearance it shall consider objectionable, disruptive or otherwise unacceptable to other clients on the same tour.

15.The Company reserves the right to vary travel accommodation lectures and excursions where necessary provided that such alternative arrangements are of similar quality.

16. The Company reserves the right to take photo and/or video shots from this trip. The client agrees that this material can be used without additional permission from the client for promotional reasons    (website,   tv, promotional videos, social media, magazines, advertising cards etc.) of the company’s products.

17. The Company shall use its reasonable endeavors to provide suitable arrangements in the event of delay at the outward or homeward points of departure but it is the responsibility of clients to ensure that they   hold adequate insurance for any additional costs incurred as a result of such delays and alternative arrangements.

18. The client agrees to:

  • Not permit anything to be done to the rented property that might lead to damage or to vitiation of any contract of the insurance of the property. The cost of replacement of any broken, damaged or lost items during the tenancy shall be charged and paid for by the client prior to his departure.

  • Not to sub-let the accommodation.


19.These Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. If any part of the conditions proves to be not valid or unenforceable, the rest of the conditions will remain valid. The invalid or unenforceable condition will be deemed as supplanted by an enforceable and valid form conveying the same meaning.

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