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Vacation by bike in the Greek mountains

Cycling in Greece Tips and useful information

Especially if this is your first cycling holidays in Greece, here you will find asnwers for topics regarding the locations, the best time to ride, drivers behavior and more.

Topic #1

Is Greece too hilly for cycling?

Climbing bike in Greece

It is true that Greece is a mountainous country and the islands are steep too. However, the countryside is unlimited all around Greece and there are so many bike routing options that it is absolutely doable to find easy rides. If you plan your tour on your own without knowledge of the area there is high possibility to end up crossing a mountain but nowdays, there are so many organised bike tours in Greece that can you can definitely find something suitable for your skills. On top of that, the technology of the e-bikes has totally changed the worldwide cycling holiday possibilities. Today Greece is easy and doable for everyone.

Topic #2

Which is the best time to visit Greece by bike?

As Greece is charcterized by the Mediterranean climate, the best time to visit the country for your cycling holidays in Spring and Autumn. From April to beginning of June and then in September and October the weather is ideal for cycling or sightseeing and the roads have less traffic since you avoid the high touristic season of the deep summer. And most importantly, the colors and smells of Spring and the Autumn rural landscapes are absolutely something you must not miss!

Cycling photos in nice view in Greece

Topic #3

Which area is better for cycling holidays in Greece?

Admire Greek landscape in Greece

There are so many options, so the answer just lies on your personal taste. Athens: Athens may be not be friendly for bike transportation around, but there are numerous amazing bike tours in the historical center and further out that are really worth, are safe and you visit all the "must" points of interest by bike! Peloponnese: For multi-day tours, Peloponnese is a top destination worldwide. It is still a pure area that has avoided mass tourism, where you will discover the real Greek food and culture. It is also the center of the ancient world with the most important archaeological sites around and also the golden beaches and the coast. ​ Crete: Crete has its own unique culture and beauty. Day and multi-day bike tours are available and is an excellent choice to visit the island in an alternative way. However, it is a destination that is not recommended for the deep summer, not only for the heat but also for the heavy traffic as it is a top touristic summer destination. ​ Greek islands: The islands of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea are unique and are so popular for their beauty that it is absolutely worth to cycle there. They are steep so e-bikes or road bikes are recommended but the views will absolutely reimbsurse you. There are guided and self-guided tours there, bike 'n boat, to enjoy the Greek sea as well. Have in mind though that during August, the Meltemi appears in the Aegean Sea, which is very strong north wind, thus it is preferable to avoid the Cyclades and ride the Ionian Islands or the mainland at that time. ​ Northern Greece: This part of Greece offers a very wide variety of possibilities. Mountain bike enthousiasts will fall in love with the mountains such as the whole Pindos mountain range. The forests , the lakes and the wildlife is incomparable but also culture and archaeological sites have a intense presence here as well. ​

Topic #4

Do Greek drivers respect cyclists?

If you have never visited Greece, you will most probably be surprised finding out that Greek drivers are very respectful and even sometimes show their excitement seeing toursits by bike in their area. In Greece where mass tourism is very developed but on the other hand cyclists or hikers are not so common to be seen around, cyclists grab everyone's attention. Especially in the more rural areas, if you hear a horn, this most probably means "hello", unless you 've done something terribly wrong. Beware though, at the touristic areas and during high season, part of the already existed traffic is tourists with rental cars who as well are struggling to navigate in the area.

Tourist in Greece riding a bike
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